Sydgraph Computer Graphics Initiative/Sydgraph CGI

This initiative arises out of Vice Chair, Shilo McClean’s experience with the Screen NSW Digital Visual Effects programme. Over the thirteen years of the program’s operation, it has become clear that local artists seeking to gain entry to the industry have greater success when they have access to feedback, encouragement to keep up their skills development and personal practice, and have a sense of being part of a community.

As these three factors fit within the values of our local SIGGRAPH Chapter, the Board has agreed that we will try to nurture local talent by offering an opportunity for members to progress personal projects through an initiative that will provide support, feedback and a structure that we hope will assist individuals working independently.

The qualities of the initiative are:

  • projects are personal creative undertakings that fit within the broad framework of computer graphics and interactive techniques;
  • projects are achievable within the 10 months of the initiative;
  • participants are willing to share their experience of the process and present their achievements at the end of the initiative.
  • The local Chapter will provide:

  • assistance in developing a workplan for selected projects;
  • feedback on progress;
  • events tailored to provide knowledge/skills development as appropriate over the course of the initiative.
  • The process is open to all paid-up members of Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH.

    Members who wish to nominate a project for inclusion in the initiative should:

    email: with —

  • a brief outline of the proposed project;
  • a brief description of experience/background in undertaking works of the kind proposed; and
  • full contact details.
  • In February, those members seeking to be involved in the initiative should be prepared to present their proposals to the Board at the event on 03 February. The Board will select as many projects as can be accommodated within the resources available. Selected projects will be announced at the event in March.

    Also as an aside, anyone wanting to learn about technical drawing should refer to: