December 07

Our last two sessions have been wonderful opportunities for members to learn about 3D environments with Kit Devine and motion graphics with Anthony Battaglia of Box Communications.

Kit’s session provided a comprehensive analysis of the importance of meaning and the idea of presence in creating virtual spaces. Using examples from physical places and how they have been represented to the game Assassin’s Creed and how details have been tweaked to fit game play, she then went on to discuss her project — a 3D representation of The Rocks in Sydney which she is developing as part of her PhD. It was a fascinating and thought provoking night for all and a great insight into the factors that have to be considered when building a virtual space.

Our last session for the year, Titles and Motion Graphics with Anthony Battaglia covered a range of topics from fonts to feature film titles. Anthony covered some of the big issues for designers revealing insider tricks for creating clever title graphics. He also showed work from Box Communication‘s body of work covering twenty years of TV graphics and feature film titles ranging from hand-drawn work to the latest in CG. It was a terrific finale for the year’s programme of events.

Next year we will reconvene on Wednesday, February 6 when we will look at how to choose the business model for your user-generated content. Until then, have a great summer and holiday fun! Thanks to all our fabulous, generous speakers and loyal members.

The Year Ahead

The following events are proposed for the upcoming year. Topics are fairly certain but speakers will be announced as we get closer to the dates. Keeping checking the website.

06 February 2008
Mapping the ‘Verse: Business Models for User-Generated Content.
If you know you want to make stuff and you hope you might also get money for what you make, then this session will cover what you need to think about to find the model that fits what you want to do.
Speaker: Shilo McClean

05 March 2008
Showreel Showdown: another look at a perennial topic. Members are invited to bring their own showreels or uncut materials to get feedback on how to make the most of their content.
Speaker: TBA

02 April 2008
Digital Grading
Speaker: TBA

07 May 2008
Directing Actors
Speaker: TBA

04 June 2008
Dealing with Clients.
Speaker: TBA

02 July 2008
DV Cameras and encoding workshop
Speaker: TBA

20 August 2008
Electronic Theatre Screening

03 September 2008
The Ten Worst Things You Can Do In A Job Interview
Speaker: TBA

01 October 2008
Graphic Novels
Speaker: TBA

05 November 2008
Drawing Class
Speaker: TBA

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