Membership FAQ

Q. I sent in my membership, but didn’t hear back. What’s up?

A. You should have received a confirmation letter and receipt. If you didn’t, please contact us.

Q. Do I get a membership card and a T-shirt?

A. Membership cards are provided to all financial members via mail within 30 days of sign up. T-shirts are available for all new members when they pay their sign up fee. If you sign up at a meeting we will give you your T-Shirt on the spot. If you sign up by mail you can collect your T-Shirt when you attend the next Siggraph event.

Q. I signed up more than a year ago. Has my membership expired?

A. If you are unsure whether your membership is current, please contact the Treasurer and Membership Chair for further information. Generally, if you do not renew your membership within 3 months of receiving a reminder to renew your membership, you are regarded as a non-financial member, and will have to pay to attend some Siggraph events.

Q. What are the benefits of membership?

A. Membership benefits include:

  • discounted or free admission to Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH events
  • participation in birds of a feather
  • the right to stands for election to the board, and to participate in committees
  • the opportunity to contribute to policy papers or other materials in development

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