Step Inside: creating a world first interactive experience

Step Inside: creating a world first interactive experience” with award-winning artist/filmmaker Michela Ledwidge and Cinematographer/3D expert Paul Nichola.

Date: Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Time: 7:00pm to approx 8:00pm

Venue: the Studio at Metro Screen

Speaker: Michela Ledwidge and Paul Nichola

Fresh from SxSW where they have been showcasing ACO VIRTUAL, Michela and Paul will talk about their journey in creating the world-first interactive experience that lets the audience take control and play with the musicians of the Australian Chamber Orchestra

ACO VIRTUAL lets audiences and visitors step ‘inside’ the performance where they are immersed in a 360-degree cinema experience, surrounded by the musicians. Currently touring Australia, the installation is flexible enough to be staged in various venues including galleries or museums. Inside the installation fifteen ACO musicians appear as projections on walls or screens, while each musician’s sound is heard from the direction of their image. A touch-screen app in the centre of the room lets visitors spotlight sound and visuals highlighting one musician, a section of instruments or their own mix of players. Visitors can also choose to display or hide the musical score below each musician’s image.

Michela Ledwidge is an award-winning film-maker, artist, entrepreneur and technologist. With several decades of experience in the digital media sector she has been at the forefront of cutting edge developments. Michela is a pioneer in cross-media storytelling influenced by the video game ‘mod’ paradigm and live performance. She worked with cinematographer and 3D expert Paul Nichola in bringing ACO VIRTUAL to life.

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