Prometheus with Paul Butterworth, Fuel VFX

Prometheus with Paul Butterworth, Fuel VFX

Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012

Time: 7:00pm to approx 8:00pm

Venue: the Studio at Metro Screen

We are thrilled to announce that we are making our move to Metro Screen a formal and very happy association. We look forward to seeing you there from now on in the Studio just round from Paddington Town Hall at the Chauvel Cinema entrance. Metro Screen is a great place to know about as it offers excellent short courses in filmmaking and digital techniques. Since moving to our new premises we’ve had fantastic feedback from our audiences and speakers about the space and we are hoping to shape an events calendar that will take advantage of the studio setting.

Speaker: Paul Butterworth

What’s it all about:
Paul Butterworth, VFX Supervisor, Fuel VFX talks about working on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus as one of the three lead visual effects vendors and how they designed and delivered key story elements including: the ‘Orrery’ interactive 3-dimensional map of the known universe, brought to life the holographic ‘Engineer’ characters and created the ‘Holotable’ on the Prometheus’s bridge.
Limited seating: RSVP ASAP recommended.

Cost: Free for Siggraph members. $5 cover charge for refreshments for guests and non-members.

(Attendees can sign up as a new member on the night. Annual Membership fees are $40 for professionals and $20 for students)

RSVP: Seats are limited at our current venue so RSVPing via Facebook is essential.

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