Animation Theatre Screening

Date: Wednesday 4th July 2007
Time: 7:00pm to approx 8:00pm

What’s it all about?
Re-visit the highlights of last year’s Animation Theatre and get ready for the Conference. A pre-conference mixer and opportunity to network.

Venue: Elwynn Lynn Conference Centre, College of Fine Arts (CoFA), Selwyn St, Paddington

Cost: Free for Siggraph members. $5 cover charge for refreshments for guests and non-members.
(Attendees can sign up as a new member on the night. Annual Membership fees are $40 for professionals and $20 for students)

Probably best known for the annual SIGGRAPH International conference on computer graphics for film, televisions and new media industries, ACM SIGGRAPH also puts on a variety of programs year-round and worldwide to benefit the SIGGRAPH community. The event listed above is hosted by our local chapter and is free for all chapter members.

About sydgraph

Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. We are a membership organisation that values passion, integrity, excellence, volunteerism, and cross-disciplinary interaction in all of our activities.

3 thoughts on “Animation Theatre Screening

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for alerting us on the “Animation Theatre Screening” event to be held this Wednesday.

    Could you provide some brief information as to what we can expect to hear/ see on the night? I am aware that you will be re-visiting the highlights however a little more detail for those who were not present at last years conference would be great.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Pat, our intention is to show excerpts from the Computer Animation Theatres from the 2006 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference held in Boston.
    This link will give you some idea of what was shown. Obviously we can’t show all 3.5 hours or so of content but we will try and look at some of the better ones.

  3. Thanks for your note James.

    Yep, definately sounds cool. Being able to visualize the work (which im sure is of the highest quality) like this is a good source of inspiration for a 3D artist like myself.



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