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SIGGRAPH: Board Minutes 07/02/07

Chair – Nick Hore
Tracey Sernack-Chee Quee
Shilo McClean
James Murty
Ryan Weston

Minutes – Peter Giles



  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  2. Nomination of Other Business
  3. Events & Education Committee Reports
  4. Public Relations Committee Report
  5. Website Committee Report
  6. Membership Committee Report
  7. Business Planning & Treasurer’s Report
  8. Action Items
  9. Other Business

1.0 Minutes of Previous Meeting
1.1 The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted without amendment

2.0 Nomination of Other Business
– relationship with IF Magazine/Intermedia (Simon Cooper)

3.0 Events & Education Committee Reports

The following revised Events Calendar was agreed (some TBC):
Feb 07 Making Content — Shilo McClean
Mar 07 Happy Feet Special Event — Animal Logic
Apr 04 Climbing the Ladder — HR and Recruiter’s Panel -Nick Hore, Lara Hopkins, Jason Bath, Peter Giles
May 02 Animation and Performance — David Smith
Jun 06 Sound and Music — Christo Curtis, Paul Healy, Andrew Lancaster
Jul 04 06 Animation Theatre Screening/Pre Conference Mixer
Aug 15 07 Electronic Theatre Screening
Sept 05 Machinima: Stolen Life — Jackie Turnure, Peter Rasmussen
Oct 03 Film Festivals — Ruth Saunders, Jenny Neighbour
Nov 07 Creating Synthetic Realities — iCinema group
Dec 05 Titles and Graphic Design — Anthony Battaglia

4.0 Public Relations Committee Report
4.1 No report was made.

5.0 Website Committee Report
5.1 James Murty showed a new web site system using WordPress CMS which board members will be given access to post — more work to be done before goes live. URL is
5.2 Will set up events, past event review and gallery blogs
6.0 Membership Committee Report
6.1 Tracey Sernack Chee-Quee confirmed 45 financial members
7.0 Business Planning & Treasurer’s Report
7.1 Tracey Sernack-CheeQuee submitted a Treasurer’s Report for consideration and approval from the Board. The Report was accepted without amendment.
Opening balance – $1823.50
Less expenditure on postage, refreshments and board Dinner – $270.26
Closing balance – $1593.25
Cash on hand $230.30
Cash at bank $1593.25
8.0 Action Item Reports
8.1 No outstanding Action Items were covered in the meeting.
9.0 Other Business
Shilo will arrange a meeting with Simon Cooper, new owner of IF magazine

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, 07 March 2007, CoFA