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Kit Devine

Kit Devine has been involved in computer graphics since 1984. She created her first animation using code while in her last year of art school. She joined XYZap in 1986 and over the next 15 or so years worked in Sydney, London and LA as an animator and effects artist on film and tv projects. She has won a number of Australian and International awards for her commercial work. She began lecturing at the AFTRS in 2002 and has been at the ANU since 2011. She is currently undertaking a phd at COFA in collaboration with the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research. Her research area is in the field of Virtual Heritage. Her short film Womb with a View was screened at the 1992 London Film Festival. She is a founder member and Empress of the DLF, a significant though informal, network of industry professionals.

Valerie Allerton

Valerie Allerton coordinates the New South Wales Film & Television Office’s Emerging Filmmakers Fund and Digital Visual Effects Scheme. She has been working in the Development and Investment Branch of the FTO since 2004. Prior to working in Australia, Valerie worked with the Aspen Music Festival and School (AMFS), a world-renowned classical music training and performing institution. A classically trained musician herself, Valerie has expertise in grant development and fundraising and has worked with Board Trustees and National Council level management in these areas. She also has worked in journalism and silkscreen and textile design.

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor is a student at Qantm College in Surry Hills, where he is currently completing a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment. He is due to complete his studies in November 2008. Andrew has recently been accepted to start an internship at Fuel VFX’s starting in September.

Andrew is passionate about 3D animation and all things computers. In his spare time Andrew is a keen Archer and Clay Target Shooter. He has been working with Murray Odyssey, a charity supporting Medecins san frontieres, assisting them with their web presence for an upcoming charity expedition down the Murray River.

Andrew has been a member of Sydney ACM Siggraph since March 2007 and is keen to expand his participation in the visual effects industry

Peter Giles

Peter is the Director of the Digital Media Division at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) which runs Australia’s leading postgraduate and professional programs in Digital Animation and Emerging Media. Projects from these programs have won both national and international recognition for artistic and technical excellence.

Peter has produced projects for radio, television and interactive media and he has worked on a wide range of industry training initiatives. He is the past chair of the Sydney chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Maurice Giacomni

Born in Lausanne Switzerland, Maurice started his professional career in 1974 as a graphic designer and animator for a major Swiss television network.
In 1983 a Sydney-based film company invited him to come to Australia to train its animators on a series of one hour films for television.
After successfully working as a freelance animation director, Maurice established his own studio in Sydney, CATFLAP ANIMATION, in 1988.
At Catflap, Maurice has directed over 300 television commercials and several short animated films including —€œGorgeous—€ which won the Australian Film Institute award for best animation in 1994. His most recent work has been 2 series of 30×5 minute episodes developed for the A.B.C Children’s Television Department entitled —€œPetals—€.

Ryan Weston

Ryan was born and raised in the States, and through a regular exposure to comic books, animation and the traditional summer blockbuster movie season cultivated a love of art and visual storytelling. He went through grade school intending to become a graphic artist, however an industry downturn forced me to reconsider my options. He enjoyed the programming classes at his high school, and so decided to instead pursue a future in software programming and continue to self-teach traditional art skills in his spare time. Four years and a university degree in Computer Science later, Ryan began a career as a software engineer in the Telecommunications industry.

After two years of fixing software bugs and being on-call 24/7, Ryan transferred to a Research and Development facility in Wollongong, Australia.He was fortunate to work with a great bunch of talented individuals doing innovative work while remaining active in the underground music scene in his free time, contributing artwork and screenprinting skills (12 years and counting). However, as the R&D lab began being systematically disbanded through funding cuts and layoffs Ryan decided the time was right to combine his wealth of technical experience with my continued passion for visual art. Ryan left to pursue a career in visual effects, returning to school to acquire a Diploma of Screen in Computer Graphics & Animation.

Working in the software development pipeline of a challenging and exciting R&D environment was a great experience to hone my teamwork, problem solving, adaptability, communication and technical skills. Ryan is currently working diligently on showreel material that he can combine with those professional skills to find entry into the film industry as a visual effects artist.