Ryan Weston

Ryan was born and raised in the States, and through a regular exposure to comic books, animation and the traditional summer blockbuster movie season cultivated a love of art and visual storytelling. He went through grade school intending to become a graphic artist, however an industry downturn forced me to reconsider my options. He enjoyed the programming classes at his high school, and so decided to instead pursue a future in software programming and continue to self-teach traditional art skills in his spare time. Four years and a university degree in Computer Science later, Ryan began a career as a software engineer in the Telecommunications industry.

After two years of fixing software bugs and being on-call 24/7, Ryan transferred to a Research and Development facility in Wollongong, Australia.He was fortunate to work with a great bunch of talented individuals doing innovative work while remaining active in the underground music scene in his free time, contributing artwork and screenprinting skills (12 years and counting). However, as the R&D lab began being systematically disbanded through funding cuts and layoffs Ryan decided the time was right to combine his wealth of technical experience with my continued passion for visual art. Ryan left to pursue a career in visual effects, returning to school to acquire a Diploma of Screen in Computer Graphics & Animation.

Working in the software development pipeline of a challenging and exciting R&D environment was a great experience to hone my teamwork, problem solving, adaptability, communication and technical skills. Ryan is currently working diligently on showreel material that he can combine with those professional skills to find entry into the film industry as a visual effects artist.

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