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Electronic Theatre 1 + 2012 AGM

Electronic Theatre 1 + 2012 AGM

Date: Wednesday 15th August 2012

Time: 7:00pm to approx 9:00pm

Venue: the Studio at Metro Screen

What’s it all about:
A screening of a portion of Electronic Theatre from the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2012 Conference to be held in Los Angeles, California.

This event will be preceded by a brief Annual General Meeting at 7PM that will take approximately 15 minutes to conclude.

Cost: Free for Siggraph members, for guests and non-members.
(Attendees can sign up as a new member on the night. Annual Membership fees are $40 for professionals and $20 for students)

RSVP: Seats are limited at our current venue so RSVPing via Facebook is essential.

Probably best known for the annual SIGGRAPH International conference on computer graphics for film, televisions and new media industries, ACM SIGGRAPH also puts on a variety of programs year-round and worldwide to benefit the SIGGRAPH community. The event listed above is hosted by our local chapter and is free for all chapter members.

Dr Shahram Izadi presents his research on creating new interactive systems at the CSIRO 10/07/2012

Date: Tuesday 10 July 2012

TIME: 16:00 – 17:00pm

VENUE: CSIRO Riverside Life Sciences Centre (RLSC), Building 53, Riverside Corporate Park, 11 Julius Ave, North Ryde NSW 2113.

RSVP: Registration is required if you are not CSIRO employee. Please send e-mail with your details (name + company/university) to by 5pm, 9 July 2012 if you are interested to attend.

SPEAKER: Dr Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

TITLE: Experiencing computing in magical ways


Dr Shahram Izadi will present some of his recent work – see his Bio below for richer information.


Dr Shahram Izadi is a research scientist within the Computer Mediated Living group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. He co-leads the Interactive 3D Technologies (i3D) sub-group, and holds a visiting professorship in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group at University College London (UCL).

He describes his work as: ‘Mashing together exotic sensing and display hardware with signal processing, vision and graphics algorithms to create new interactive systems, which enable users to experiences computing in magical ways’.

Some of his most notable projects and publications to date include: KinectFusion; Mouse 2.0; SecondLight; and ThinSight.

Shahram has been at Microsoft Research since 2005 and prior to that spent time at Xerox PARC. He received a TR35 award in 2009 and was nominated one of the Microsoft Next in 2012.

He lives in Cambridge, UK, with his wife and daughter.