Monthly Archives: October 2011

Videos from the 2011 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver

At each year’s conference the ACM SIGGRAPH Communications Committee, chaired by Jaime Radwan, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters ( through our SCOOP Team) collaborate on a series of videos that are made available through the ACM SIGGRAPH YouTube channel. These videos are used to highlight different parts of the conference, promote upcoming conferences, and provide materials that can be used by both ACM SIGGRAPH and non-ACM SIGGRAPH entities to inform people about what goes on at an ACM SIGGRAPH conference.

They are available here:

This year, we produced and posted the following collection of videos:

– Overviews of The Sandbox, Emerging Technologies, The Studio, The CAF, Posters, The Art Gallery and The Exhibition Floor
– Media Tours for The Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies
– Artist Profiles for several Art Gallery contributors
– Several Man On The Street segments (We pose a question to people and take the best responses.)
– Three Day In Review segments

We have also posted the Cory Doctorow Keynote address so if you did not get to see it at the conference, you can take a look at it online.