Monthly Archives: December 2010

Animationese Links

At our previous event (back in November 2010) a few of of our presenters showed some videos and some of their own content hosted on Youtube and Googlepages, here are some of those links:

Pablo de la Torre:

I had a great time sharing some of my experience and culture with the audience and colleagues.
Here are those links to clips in You Tube showcasing some Argentinian animation over the years:

Thanks again and all the best.


Xavier Martin:

It’s always a great feeling when people appreciate!
I found it quite amazing to see that so many people where so passionate about animation and would stay out so late in the evening.
As concerning my links, I have two webpages on google, one for animation and the other for architecture:

I am opened to any questions or even contributions on the art side of animation.
Kind regards to you

Xavier Martin